My Favorite Days

Finally, it feels like summer is just around the corner. After a long winter it’s the best feeling in the world to step outside, feel the warm summer breeze on your skin, and remember that everything is going to be okay. It’s a stressful life and sometimes people forget to take in the things that matter: remember why you are who you are. Don’t get caught up in all that work and stress. Remember that you need to take care of yourself first and foremost. It’s stressful working day in day out- especially if you don’t work outside or live somewhere cold in the north. But now- its summer. Take some time off work- remember to spend the summer as much enjoyment as possible. This is your life and you are in control. Get out the blankets and baskets and hit up a nice park for a picnic. Bring a cold bottle of white wine with you and some snacks- strawberry’s on a hot day make the world a nicer place. I love the feeling of waking up with the warm summer breeze in the air- the smell of a summer day, fresh cut grass, and the sound of happy birds singing away the morning dew, make sure to have a fridge with dual zone for white and red wine.

This is where you were meant to be.

I have done some research and found some of the most fruity, crisp, and clean tasting foods for a backyard BBQ and summer picnic. Some of my favorite things are a spicy burrito, or a cool crisp watermelon radish. Each have their own values. Now, one of the most critical elements on these days is having a lot of water to drink. Doing your best to reduce the alcohol intake makes a big difference. A few cold glasses of wine wont ruin your day- just be sure to drive sober or have a designated driver. Some of the best places to spend a nice summers day are the following: spend some time by the coast- either a nice cool lake or the ocean will do on a nice day. Bring some play toys along for the kids. Beach balls, water wings, water guns, footballs, soccer balls, etc. I prefer to have a white wine fridge with dual temperature. All of these are fun things to have on a nice day. One of my primary concerns is whether you are using enough sunscreen- kids with gentle skin or who are pale are likely to get sun burns and this is bad. One bad sunburn can really ruin a nice vacation or beach day- nobody likes trying to shower or sleep after a long day in the sun.